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CashXtraction is one of the top dating affiliate program. We’re a fast and reliable and growing affiliate network, and our focus is on our brands. We have been in the dating industry since 2012. CashXtractions partners get access to our inhouse mainstream and adult dating products for mobile, desktop and tablet, traffic. CashXtraction provides some of the highest payouts and converting dating products in the industry with our pay per lead, pay per sale and revenue sharing affiliate program. You also have access to our partner dating program if you are interested to build your own brands.


We believe that by listening to our affiliate and partners and using their feedback we can provide better service and improve our products

International Market Reach

On our in-house dating websites do accept a lot different types of traffic — Paid ads, Email marketing SEO, PPC, PPL and other traffic sources

Fast Payments

Our payment methods are very flexible and we do all we can to make it easy for our affiliates and offer as many options we can.

Always Great Offers

As we focus on our own in-house dating products we can also fast add new functions and impliment new ideas suggsted by our affialites


easy to find great offers among our big selection of different dating niches as mainstream, casual dating, Milf, affairs and many more.

Great Customer Support

At CashXraction dating sites our customers are always getting great support and that is importent to get them to stay as paying customer

High and Fast Payouts

We offer our affialites Revenue share, PPL and PPS. We also offer access. Cash flow is importent for affialites, so why wait for your hard earned money. Our affialite partners are paid net7, net15 and net30 depending on sales volume. We pay high and fast.

High Conversion Rates

Our conversion rates are excellent and that will convert our affialiate partners traffic into members and generat a lot of revenue.Our affialite and our partner platform is optimized to achieve the highest possible profit through your newly introduced members with different technics.

Awesome Support

All affiliate is looking for a reliable partner with great professional support. At CashXtraction all affiliates are always getting five stars service and support regardless of the size of the affiliate.The sucess of our affilte partners is our primairy goal.